School uniform.

Trade-in price list

Trade-in price list

Seaford School Uniform price list
Updated Jan 2023

Please note: we will not be buying primary school uniform at the moment. Instead you can exchange your old primary school uniform for a voucher to exchange for uniform from our online shop.

Our limited funds will be used to buy Seaford Head uniform to ensure families have access to this uniform at an affordable price or free. You can drop your Seaford Head uniform into the reception at Seaford Head school.

We gladly accept donations. If you would like to sell your uniform, please leave a note with a contact name and email address. We will contact you to arrange payment.

Please note – we do not buy school shoes, tights and coats. We can accept them as a donation which we will pass on for free at our uniform exchange. Thank you.

UniformBuying priceSelling price
Seaford Head blazer£6£8
Seaford Head kilt£5£6.50
Seaford Head logo jumper£3.50£4.50
Seaford Head logo jumper (old logo)£1£2
Seaford Head tie£1£2
Seaford Head bag, large£4£5
Seaford Head bag, small£3£4
Seaford Head shoulder bag£2£3
Seaford Head PE polo£2£3
Seaford Head PE polo (old logo)£1£2
Plain blue PE polo T-shirt£1£2
Black PE shorts£1£2
Black jogging bottoms£3£4
Girls black leggings£4£5
Seaford Head PE jumper£4£5
Seaford Head fleece £4£5
Seaford Head Fleece (old logo) £2£3
Seaford Head blue shirt, boy£1.50£2.50
Seaford Head blue shirt, girl£1.50£2.50
Grey school trousers £2£3
Primary SchoolExchange priceSelling price
Grey school trousers (age 3 – 11)£2£3
Grey / Navy blue (Annecy) school skirt£2£3
Grey school shorts£1£2
Grey / Navy blue school pinafore / dress£2£3
Primary school summer dress£2£3
Primary school logo jumper£2£3
Primary school polo T-shirt or shirt£0.50£1
Primary school colour jumper (no logo)£1£2
Primary school colour cardigan (no logo)£1£2
Primary school logo PE top£1£2
Primary school PE shorts£1£2
Primary school fleece£2.50£3.50
Primary school jogging bottoms£2£3
Primary school logo book bag£0£0
Plimsolls £1£2

Below is a list of school uniform requirements for the Seaford schools we hold stock for:

Compulsory (years 7- 11)

  • Navy-blue blazer with school logo and house badge. The school will provide a free iron on badge. However, a parent/carer can choose to buy a pin badge from school if they would prefer.
  • Tailored, light-blue shirt with collar and a school tie or tailored, light-blue, fitted shirt with open neck.
  • Mid-grey, waist-fitted, tailored trousers (no chinos, leggings, cargo trousers or jeans). Any belts should be plain black with a normal and discreet buckle and essential to the fit of the clothing.
  • Students can choose to wear the school Kilt (see below) instead of trousers.
  • Black, navy, grey or white socks that must be worn below the knee
  • Black, navy or grey tights.
  • Smart, flat, formal black shoes* [No boots, trainers or canvas shoes will be tolerated] * Podiatry Issues: Black, appropriate footwear may be worn with medical evidence, until issue has been resolved
  • School rucksack with school logo [different styles are available at Intersport]
  • Additional/Optional Items Long-sleeved, navy-blue V-necked pullover with logo Navy-blue V-necked slipover with school logo
  • School kilt bought from Intersport in Seaford [Kilts should be uniform style and an appropriate length, no shorter than top of knee].
  • In terms 5/6, students may wear plain, mid- grey tailored knee length shorts

Seaford Head PE kit – Compulsory

  • School polo shirt with logo
  • black shorts – these should be no shorter than midthigh
  • black socks(long)
  • One piece swimming costume/T-shirts/rash vests may be worn over a swimming costume or with swimming shorts
  • Swimming shorts (above the knee length)
  • Non-marking training shoes, for use indoors and outdoors (plimsoll type shoes are not advised due to a lack of support and they are not sports footwear)
  • Studded boots for football/rugby games on the field – the department does have a small supply of boots available to borrow during a lesson so please contact the relevant PE teacher to request this option and/or check if they will be undertaking football/rugby
  • shin pads (this will be required to compete in fixtures)
  • Gum shields for rugby (required for fixtures)

Optional (These are recommended for outdoor PE lessons)

  • Black jumper with school logo (no hooded tops, the Joma jumper can be brought from Intersport, also used for sports teams)
  • Black Jogging bottoms (the school Joma bottoms can be brought from Intersport that match the jumper if you prefer a matching tracksuit)
  • Plain black jumper (no hooded top) No logo
  • Black waterproof jacket (especially for those travelling between sites in the winter months)
  • Black sports leggings with school logo

Annecy Catholic Primary School

Winter Uniform – terms 2, 3 and 4

  • Grey trousers
  • Navy blue skirt (pleated or A-line) or pinafore
  • White collared shirt
  • School tie
  • Navy blue sweatshirt with school logo
  • Plain black or grey socks

Summer Uniform – terms 5, 6 and 1

  • Grey trousers
  • Navy blue skirt (pleated or A-line) or pinafore
  • Blue and white checked, summer dress
  • White collared shirt or polo shirt (if you wear a polo shirt, no tie is needed)
  • School tie
  • Navy blue sweatshirt with school logo
  • Plain black or grey socks

PE Kit

  • Navy shorts
  • White T-shirt
  • Black or white plimsolls/trainers
  • Pupils may wish to wear plain navy or black tracksuit bottoms for outdoor P.E in the winter

Chyngton Primary School


  • Grey trousers/skirt/pinafore dress
  • White shirt or polo shirt
  • Red sweatshirt or cardigan  (Chyngton School badge is optional)
  • Black school shoes or smart black boots (25mm/1” heels maximum)
  • Grey or white socks or grey/red/black tights


  • Grey trousers/shorts/skirt or red & white checked summer dress
  • White shirt or polo shirt
  • Red sweatshirt or cardigan (Chyngton School badge is optional)
  • Black school shoes or black/red/white closed toe sandals (25mm/1” heels maximum)
  • Grey or white socks 

PE and other items

  • White t-shirt
  • Red shorts
  • Plimsolls for indoor PE
  • Trainers for outdoor PE (optional)
  • A sweatshirt/jumper and jogging trousers or tracksuit for winter (optional and to be worn when advised by teachers)

Cradle Hill Primary School


  • Grey or black tailored trousers (not jeans or fashion trousers) or shorts of an appropriate length
  • Grey or black skirt or tunic of an appropriate length
  • White polo shirt (blouses or shirts can also be worn if preferred)
  • Blue and White Check/Stripe Dress 
  • Royal Blue Pullover, Slipover, Cardigan, Sweatshirt (crew or “V” neck) or fleece (school emblem is available however, it is optional)
  • Sensible well fitting shoes or summer sandals or low heeled, smart, black boots or black trainers

PE Kit

  • PE kit must be brought to school every day, and taken home at the weekend for a wash.
  • Plain White PE top
  • Royal Blue Shorts or jogging bottoms (for colder weather)
  • Trainers or plimsolls for PE (children will need these for outside sessions and so trainers may be more appropriate)

Seaford Primary School

  • Grey trousers/shorts/pinafores/skirts
  • Dark green sweatshirt/jumper/cardigan*
  • White shirts/blouses/poloshirts* (these need to be tucked in)
  • White/grey/green socks or tights
  • Green and gold stripe tie* (optional)
  • Summer options
  • Green and white check/stripe dress.
  • Sensible white or dark-coloured sandals.

PE Kit

  • Pupils need a suitable change of clothing for PE and games activities. They should keep this in a named bag.
  • Green shorts/skirt
  • Yellow t-shirt*
  • Black or white plimsolls
  • Green tracksuit for cold weather*

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