Why preloved uniform?

1.4 million wearable school uniforms are thrown away each year in the UK


Many school uniforms contain high levels of polyester (which is a type of plastic). 1.4million uniforms equals roughly 350 tonnes of plastic. It’s easy to forget that when trying to reduce or plastic usage that includes our clothes.


It takes up to 2,700 litres to produce a single cotton school T-shirt. That’s nearly 2.5 years drinking water!

The video below explains just how much water is used in the production of cotton.


WRAP have calculated that extending the lifespan of clothes by just three months could result in a 5-10 percent reduction in carbon, water, and waste footprints.

We currently use more resources than the earth can produce and demand for raw materials is expected to triple by 2050. We need to preserve the resources we have.


Preloved school uniforms cost a significant amount less. By normalising the wearing of quality second hand clothes we can help make it affordable for everyone. A study found that 30% of parents buy uniforms larger so their children can grow into them. Wearing preloved means that clothes can be exchanged more often.

Look after your clothes

Visit www.loveyourclothes.org.uk for videos and tips about repairing and looking after your clothes.
For an in-person lesson, come along to our Repair Cafe or one of our workshops and one of our fantastic repairers can show you how.

Our amazing volunteer repairers help to ensure that we can keep preloved uniform in great condition.